Welcome all Australian visitors and thanks for choosing to shop with our Smartworld Stores! My name is Nikita and I am your Australian Hostess for Smartworld. I’m here to help you in the best way I possibly can by giving you the best information and bringing the coolest selections. Here are some of the great advantages of shopping with New Wave Au.

Free Shipping
When you shop with New Wave, you are guaranteed the luxury of Free Shipping. We want to give you the best shopping experience possible and by offering Free Shipping to all Australian addresses, we believe we are doing just that. Have you ever added items to your cart and then been blown away by an insane shipping cost? Well, you will never have to deal with that here. At New Wave, we only want the best for our AU customers. 

Advantages of A Strong AUD
Keep in mind that for every $1.00 USD you purchase, it translates to about 88 cents AUD. That’s a pretty quick 12% discount off your purchase. This of course is subject to change as currency conversion rates change.
Attn: Nikita 

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