Smartwatches as a health tool: Intelligent wearable tech 2020

By Susmita Das

The sharpest wearable tech of all the devices that have arrived on the market thus far could easily be the Smartwatch. A device that stands out for being one of the most loved gadgets. A device so beautiful and useful, that many will replace their wristwatch with it!


Detects illness

The latest Smartwatches have created some breakthroughs in consumer tech and are not only for the young or technologically savvy to use, but also have a positive impact on senior healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forward advances in the technology that has detected symptoms of the illness much earlier. Several users have benefited from the timely health records that the gadget has provided and this data may have helped beat the illness blues and recover much sooner.


Simplifies data

These Smartwatches let you track your heart rate and blood pressure. Just a swish of your watch will reveal some of these vital parameters that can be trusted by doctors as well. Today’s Smartwatches let you track your sleep patterns and your heartbeat while walking or performing your daily activities. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are devices that collect the data of your movements and intelligently analyze that data. It breaks down the output into simplistic results that is easy for you to understand. Hence, you don’t really have to be technically sound to measure your parameters. These Smartwatches track more than basic details. Some of the data, that if goes undetected in real-time could become a serious illness.


Betters diagnosis

Not many are using smartwatches as a health tool the way it should be. Some are merely used them as fitness gadgets to track your steps while walking, sleep routines and heart rate. This wearable tech is gradually becoming more mainstream as many health consultants and doctors are recommending that their patients wear them. Doctors will have more data to diagnose patient conditions to ensure better treatment.

Imagine a world where your Smartwatch is tapping into essential parameters of your bodily functions, and letting you know whether you’ve had little or enough sleep. Whether you’ve eaten less or more, your cholesterol levels, if your blood oxygen levels and blood pressure are elevated or even ECG, EEG, EMG and more! These can be analyzed for indications of any kind and alerted to your doctor if crossed. This way, all of us can become aware and seek medical advice earlier. Before the mere data gives way to the onset of a potential serious illness.

How to analyze?

An increasing amount of data collected properly, with respect to privacy can improve time to monitor and detect health concerns before they escalate. Tech companies are providing the smart gadget at a much more affordable price than earlier as more people are trusting its potential to lower healthcare costs through self-monitoring.

If you have a Smartphone or a tablet, your Smartwatch will collaborate well with it to amplify the results. Apart from the basic notifications like calls, text messages, email, controlling apps and more, a Smartwatch on your wrist synced with your smartphone will generate detailed health metrics. It will advise you on what to do next. It can be as simple as what to do if your blood glucose level is down or how to keep calm if you’re stressed.

Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in this data and hence a Smartwatch may not be as effective for them. But for those who have witnessed first-hand the importance of having tech gear that helps keep track of their health, have adopted it as a daily wear gadget.

Smartwatches are undoubtedly among the best wearable gadgets of 2020 and are likely to prove its impacts beyond that. For some, it is an indispensable part of their everyday life as it provides a certain level of convenience from not having to use their smartphone all the time. For others, the perks are a whole lot more than a notifier that comes at a much cheaper price compared to costly medical treatments.

Paired with other devices like fitness trackers or apps that monitor heart rate, you can gauge comprehensive data about several aspects of your health. Smartwatches also combine with your grocery food store to give you advice on what to buy! If you think it is time to upgrade your traditional watch by adding some apps and notifications, this Touch Screen Smart Bracelet is for you!