6 Essentials to Consider Before Getting The Perfect Earbuds

by Jesmar Arevalo

Everybody wants to enjoy the comforts of a wireless device, and that’s why new earbuds are successfully flooding the market these days. But when we are looking for one Bluetooth Earphones in the market, it is common to feel overwhelmed with hundreds of options. Usually each alternative seems to be even more incredible than the other, so which one is the best to buy? Should I just select the most expensive earbuds and hope to get the best quality?

The short answer is NO. Sometimes, what makes you decide to buy a product is just the brand. In that way, we end it up expending more when we could have got an equivalent product and save some money. But here, we will analyze some essential characteristics you should be looking for to get the best quality-price relation while buying the perfect Bluetooth earbuds.

1.- Comfort: This is simple. Do they fit well? Do they stay still on your ears while using it? Yes, it looks easy but, how do you know without trying them? Most manufacturers have decided to solve this by offering a design with adaptable ear caps built on rubber to guarantee a perfect fit. Another option is to go for an ergonomic design.

The comfort factor also includes the possibility to control your device. Some earbuds include touch control that helps you play or pause your music, switch between next and previous song, and even control the volume.



2.- Battery life: How long will I be able to use them before the battery runs out? In this case, we must consider two things: Most of the options on the market offer from 4 to 6 hours of earbuds active use, but the charging box will allow us to forget about connecting to a power source for about 24 hours of continuous use. So, make sure you are getting the hours of independence you need according to your routine.

3.- Compact Design: The optimal device should consider this is a device that should fit in our pocket. The earbuds are usually compact, but we must look at the charging box design. We are looking for a balance between capacity and size, and if we can get both even better! 

4.- Active/Passive Noise Cancellation: Make sure you will enjoy your favorite music/podcast or getting all the details from any call no matter where you are. Passive Noise Cancellation refers to the device's capacity to block the noise mechanically. On the other hand, Active Noise Cancellation refers to sensor tech that will adapt the device performance to block the noise from the surroundings. This refers to the device's ability to isolate external sounds to keep your focus on what is meaningful.



5.- Auto-Pairing: This feature can be considered an essential since it provides the comfort of an easy and fast connection. After first connection, your device will connect automatically to your earbuds, so you just need to fit them in your ears, and they will start working.

6.- Waterproof: You might be thinking, I don’t even know how to swim why should I care about this essential? Well, this is certainly a device that is frequently used to work out. Even though listening to music while swimming is not on everybody’s plans, going for a walk is a very common activity. In this case, this feature will ensure your earbuds will not get damaged with your sweat.

Of course, all of this added up to some usual features we look for on regular headphones, like HIFI sound, will make the best combination. Does your selection fit these essentials? Are they affordable? If your answer is YES to both questions, don’t wait any longer and start enjoying a wireless life!